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Cost Advantage

Barndominiums for the most part will come in a little less per sq ft than a traditional house. Now it all depends on the finishes. Barndominiums can really save you money for the big open spaces.

Faster Build Time

Most traditional homes take about a year or more to construct. Barndominiums are a great way to speed up the construction time. 

Floor Plan

With Barndominiums the inside is wide open so your floor plan can be however you want it and what suits your family the best. 


Concrete is a very durable foundation. Some people have just left and stained the concrete as their flooring choice or stamped it. LVP flooring, or engineered wood can be installed right over the concrete with appropriate moisture barriers. Or tile is also an option. 


Metal siding and roofing are a really great option of exteriors. It's very low maintenance, it's one of the toughest materials out there. It's also a very reflective material so it will help keep the ac bill down in the hot summer months.

Shop/garage attached 

Barndominiums are great for people who want their garage/shop close by their house. We can connect your dream shop area via a breezeway, or simply just divide it with a single door and walk right in.

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